Competition Apollogasse

sophie7. living and so much more...

Key Concept

In the past, the Sophienspital was a place where sick people were treated. Tomorrow, sophie7. is to be a place of physical and social health. A sustainable and identity-creating re-use.

Variety of subsidized housing complemented with the themes of

Education and work,

climate and health,

movement and culture.

Multiple buildings and utilizations that focus on social interaction.
A participatory mobility concept and answers to climate change adaptation.
Topics that move us, that develop us socially, make us healthy and happy.

Urban development and architecture - added value for the city quarter

New spatial organization and design - integration and connection to the surrounding area, taking the existing building structure into account.

New Development facing the Gürtel - tower-like point buildings (up to 35m high) on 2-story base, spanning and (inter)framing with photovoltaic deck - perforated closure at ground and 1st floor level; openings at upper levels through spaces between point buildings for light and air; arcade in recessed ground floor zone to attract public space (sidewalk)

Permeability to the Gürtel through staircases and passages to the future public park

Linking with the southern existing building - 'floating' superstructure of the Ludwig Pavilion by a tower of the new building

Spatial opening to Stoll- and Apollogasse - demolition of the separations and proposal for the design of Apollogasse as a pedestrian zone

Converting the rear of Kenyon Pavilion into a second principal elevation as a new address for a new district hall - the Apollo Hall - and positioning it at a new terraced plaza that will be created above the hall and become the new meeting place; otherwise maintaining the building structure and architectural design (extending the attic while maintaining the roof pitch; no residential, thus no exterior alteration, as no balconies are added)

New relevance of the Karl Ludwig Pavilion in several directions - by accessibility of the main entrance for a future institution of the WUK in this pavilion from the Gürtel and by development of the main entrance for the newly docked kindergarten from the side of the 7th district, i.e. rather from the direction of the Apollogasse - further by linking with the new building, partial increase in height while retaining the typical southern symmetrical appearance with the concise central risalit and addition of an extension for the kindergarten.

Client   Sozialbau AG und WBV-GPA
Address   Apollogasse - ehem. Sophienspital, 1070 Wien
Net usable space   11.700 m2
Units   ca 140 Flats, Business locations, cultural locations, Community college, home, Kindergarden...
Project Status   Abgabe 1.Stufe: 14.Oktober 2019; 2. Stufe: 2. März 2020; 3. Stufe 15. September 2020; Prämierung 1. Preis
Project Team   P.GOOD Architekten & Architekten Martin Kohlbauer, Auböck + Karsz.
Renderings   Schreiner, Kastler - Büro f- Kommunikation