Project Porzellangasse - Winner of SCHORSCH

The project Porzellangasse is winner of the SCHORSCH Prize - the award ceremony will be in autumn 2020.

Project Werkbundsiedlung - Haus Haerdtl

The renovation from the inside of the house Haerdtl is completed.

Project Werkbundsiedlung - Haus Plischke

The renovation from the inside of the house Plischke is completed.

Werkbundsiedlung - European Heritage Label

The Werkbund Estates in Europe 1927-1932 is a transnational site, comprising 4 countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria) and 5 towns (Stuttgart, Wroclaw, Brno and Prague, Vienna). They where qualified with the European Heritage Label on March 2020. P.GOOD Architects are working on the renovation from 2011 until today. foto by Adsy Bernart

Exhibition Ziviltechikerinnen in Österreich

The exhibition will be a touring exhibition - the first stop will be in Graz, Austria. 

Neubaugürtel/Goldschlagstrasse - completed

The construction site is  completed. The apartments are nearly all of them allready rent.

Post Quadrat Graz

The houses will be built in wood.

Project Campus Apfelbaum became IBA Status

The p.good project Campus Apfelbaum honoured by IBA VIENNA - New Social Housing (klick for more Informations).

Project Lorystrasse - Winner of SCHORSCH

The construction was finished, the appartments where delivered by december 2018.

Project Troststrasse - completed

The construction site started in August, the work where going very fast. Completion by december 2019. see the planing by click in the image. 

Bäckerstrasse/Sonnenfelsgasse - completed

P.GOOD where working in the center of the city - Bäckerstrasse and Sonnenfelsgasse, two protected monuments.  

Project Breitenfurterstraße 73-77

Competition 1st Place, construction started march 2019

1. Prize for Neubaugürtel/Goldschlagstrasse

First Prize for the Projekt Neubaugürtel-Goldschlagstrasse - Stadterneuerungspreis 2019

People from left to right: Bmst. Ing. Michael Lindner (Ausführungsplanung - Örtliche Bauaufsicht), Arch. DI Azita Praschla-Goodarzi (Architektur), DI Martin Pober (Bauherr: Premium Bauträger GmbH), Arch. DI Martin Praschl (Architektur), DI Waltraud Derntl (P.GOOD Projektleitung), DI Niel Mazhar (P.GOOD Architekten).