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Residential Construction – 1st Prize Competition

The building rests on a two-story base, through which a continuous traffic-free pedestrian zone offers public space and green areas. Due to varying conditions of the site, three areas are to include two-story maisonettes with private gardens, a northwest-facing portico and barrier free access.


A representational meander was created around the imaginary obstacles of clearance gauge and green zones. The fire walls of the adjacent building, acting as deflector walls, force further changes in direction. The movement takes place not only on the floor plan, but also extends into the third dimension, where the shifting heights of the eaves respond to other buildings of varying distances away.

Free Space

The main building rests on a two-story base, separating the open space into a public area and a semi-public area with individual, private gardens. In front of the base, partly under the protection of the elevated, two-story main building, a large, continuous public square is created with green areas and playgrounds. This space is part of the planned footpath between the Danube Canal and the Augarten Park. The area on the other side of the base is accessible only to residents and offers peace and privacy.

Entrance Area

The entrance to the building site is formed by a vacant lot unsuitable for construction. This unusual situation is underlined by the area around the proposed base, which continues the existing structure with a single-pitch roof tapering to a point. The single-pitch roof creates a subtle sign in the public space that indicates the entrance to the block interior.

Apartment Typology

A variety of apartment types result from three different areas with unique requirements:

Base area – The base of the building is oriented to the private outdoor area where two-story maisonette units are located with private gardens and a strong reference to green space.

Portico type – In the northwestern section of the site, opposite the fire walls of the “Gründerzeit” period buildings, split-level apartments are arranged along a north-facing portico. In addition to solving the problem of the uneven quality of the building sites, the split-level solution also means that no bedrooms or living rooms are oriented towards the portico.

Staircase access or aisle type – The apartments in the other building sections are planned for disabled barrier-free access, and the circulation is through naturally lit stairwells.


From the entrance area, vehicle traffic is already separated from pedestrian traffic, thus making the entire courtyard a traffic-free pedestrian zone.

Address Obere Donaustrasse 15a, Vienna, 1020
Usable Space 19,600 m2
Units 249 Apartments
Project Status Closed