Projects / Speisingerstrasse

Residential Construction

The residential building – located at a busy intersection – is designed with porticos and laid out so the bedrooms and living spaces face the garden. The apartment design avoids load-bearing internal walls, allowing for multiple possibilities of future upgrades or expansion. The location of the building allows an energy concept in which, among other things, solar energy penetrating the portico glazing is used by integrated hot water collectors.


The property lies in the area of a very busy intersection. While the southeast side of the building faces the street, the northwestern facade overlooks a quiet garden with an old stock of trees. Therefore, the primary objective was to orient the apartments towards the garden and still allow residents to profit from the sunlight on the street facade. A building with porticos was planned to orient all living rooms and bedrooms toward the garden, while kitchens and dining areas capture sunlight through large windows from a glazed portico. In order to efficiently utilize the solar energy from the portico glazing, hot water collectors are integrated into the parapet. In addition, the porticos are used to warm the fresh air for the apartments. To avoid over-heating the passageways, electrically-operated vents or louvers are installed at the upper and lower points of the portico, controlled by a heat and humidity sensor.

The innovative overall concept of the building was continued with the design of the apartments, which avoid load-bearing internal walls and include central sanitary facilities, so that a wide number of design variants are possible. This flexibility is also reflected in the electrical and plumbing planning from the outset.

Client Familienhilfe gemeinnützige Bau und SiedlungsgmbH
Address Speisingerstrasse 50-52, Vienna, 1130
Usable Space 2,700 m2
Units 31 Apartments + 2 retail spaces
Project Status Completed 1999