Projects / Seestadt Aspern

Residential Construction

This project creates a lively new district in Vienna, and the goal for P.GOOD Architects was to maximize communication potential in the new area. A uniform development – with low-rise buildings – was planned with a well-defined courtyard in the form of a ring as well as a central tower block with oblique facades to create visual links to the park. The apartments are arranged around a compact central service tower.

The Principle of Diversity

The strength of the concept is the cooperation of four architectural firms in the design process. This ensures a diverse, small-scale building structure. The projects from different architects are distributed in turn over all four building plots.

Urban Development Aspects

The starting points for the arrangement of the buildings on the four construction plots were:

1. The urban development master plan by architect John Tovatt

2. The visual relationships between the building structures and open spaces

3. The principle of diversity by incorporating four architectural firms

4. The creation of a lively ground floor zone

Structure of Plot D2

Preparation of a uniform, low-rise development with a well-defined courtyard was made possible through an urban planning workshop. The arrangement of the buildings provides a good orientation and views of the courtyard for the majority of the apartments. The ring structure reduces noise pollution from the street, and keeping the entrance onto Sammelstrasse small deflects wind and sound.

The plan includes a closed seven-story building along Ringstrasse, which follows the rounded building line of the street frontage. The courtyard side complements and amplifies this movement. The result is a lively, varied facade, which contributes to the formation of a distinctive identity. The approximately 80m-long structure at Ringstrasse is divided into three sections, which are designed differently in terms of the diversity of the architectural firms. Extended shops – with 4m ceiling height – are planned along the ground floor, creating a varied, open zone.

The Tower Block D3

This building is situated along the west park in a row with other tower blocks from different architects. The oblique facades of the building create visual links to the park for all apartments. From these angles, the building takes on a sculptural effect, which is reinforced by a cohesive, smooth outer shell. The apartments are arranged around a compact central service tower, which receives natural light by a vertical band of windows. The basement can be reached by sunken open areas, making possible a higher-value use of the space.

Client Dr. Roland Mischek ZT GmbH
Address Sonnenallee und Ilse-Artl-Straße, Vienna, 1220
Usable Space 5,880 m²
Units 76 Apartments, 4 shops
Project Status Completed 2015
Project Team P.GOOD Architects Team: DI Niel Mazhar, DI Matthäus Aschauer, DI Christoph Buchta, DI Martin Wieser