Projects / Schuchardstrasse


The project consists of a three-story building with gallery access and a complex of atrium cottages. The main structure provides an effective noise barrier and the apartments face the quieter sides to the south and east. Beyond this are a series of small two-story cottages with private gardens. The project elements are united by a central, semi-public space with playground facilities and an adjacent communal room.

Urban Development Aspects

Starting points for the arrangement of the structures:

1. The location of the site in the vicinity of a very large supermarket with a parking lot and loading dock across from the project site
2. Noise pollution from Brünnerstrasse to the north
3. An unattractive commercial plant on the western neighboring property
4. Small-scale residential structures in Schuchardstrasse and Gleichsaustrasse
5. The location of the site on the edge of the urban area

To address the unfavorable parameters in the north and west of the property, a three-story building with galleries was designed. The apartments in this building face the quieter sides to the south and east, however, the building itself is an effective noise barrier and screens the nearby commercial zone from the entire building site. The small-scale, almost village-like complex in the south and west of the project area is arranged as a series of small, two-story buildings. To achieve the targeted amount of usable space while offering quality apartments with a powerful reference to green space, the apartments are planned as atrium cottages. The planned structure of pathways in the atrium cottage complex takes the form of a pedestrian network, and this pedestrian network connects to a central semi-public space with playground facilities and an adjacent communal room.

Building Typology

The property’s location on the outskirts of the city near vast open space is particularly attractive to people who want to live with a connection to open spaces. A complex of atrium cottages is proposed in order to offer private gardens in a relatively dense structure. Both the three-story building as well as the two-story cottages offer attractive atrium apartments. The arrangement of space successfully prevents neighbors from seeing into the private spaces opposite, and these open areas have a highly relaxing atmosphere.

Atrium cottages: The low buildings are interwoven in a thoughtful structure, which links each ground floor with the upper level atrium of the opposite house and a private garden. The smaller single-story units at the ends of this structure are planned either as garden or terrace apartments.

The three-story structure: The higher building on the northwest side of the property is developed with porticos. Several apartments on the upper floors are planned as atrium apartments with additional roof terraces. All other apartments have loggias, terraces or private gardens.

Green Zones and Open Spaces

In addition to the individual open spaces and atrium gardens, the plan also includes communal green areas. These common areas form an essential complement to the withdrawn atrium apartments and make shared activities and communication possible for residents.

Important Open Space Elements

The network of pathways: The pedestrian network is free of car traffic and therefore suitable as a play area for children and communication zone for adults. Orienting the atrium cottages inward prevents conflicts which might arise from noise of the intensive use of the pathways.

The central square: A communal plaza in the center of the estate complements the network of pedestrian pathways. There is room here for playground equipment and seating, and differentiated landscaping can increase the relaxed atmosphere and create shaded areas. A spacious communal room, housed on the ground floor of the three-story building, directly connects to the open plaza.

Client Wiener gemeinnützige Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft.m.b.H
Address Marinonigasse, Schuchardstrasse, Vienna, 1210
Usable Space 4,260 m2
Units 48 Apartments
Project Status Closed