Projects / Neulengbach Passive House

Residential Housing – Single-family Home – Passive House

The design approaches ecology and energy conservation without falling back on the formal clichés of "Eco-architecture". The building fulfills the clients’ primary requirements for quality of life, open spaces and building culture. The optimal energy performance of the building is a natural characteristic.

This single-family home in Neulengbach was built to passive house standards, which means the heating demand must be less than 15 kWh / m2pa. The building physics calculation gives a heat demand of 10.43 kWh / m2pa.

Therefore, conventional heating with a chimney connection can be eliminated ​​through highly insulated building components and a heat recovery ventilation system.

The heat recovery ventilation system, a small electrical device with integrated solar panels, produces heat through heat exchangers and heat pumps – and hot water is produced through the same system.

Before entering the compact ventilation system , the air flows through an underground geothermal heat exchanger.

The construction consists of wood frame walls – insulated with cellulose fibers – which are mounted on a massive basement. Concrete fiberboard is used as cladding for the main building and a stretched plastic membrane is used for the outbuildings.

Client Private
Address Neulengbach, 3040
Usable Space 145 m2
Units 1 Residence
Project Status Completed 2007