Projects / Neugrabenstrasse

Competition – Building Study

An elongated, compact structure with the narrow side along the street front was prepared based on model studies. The facade is designed from transparent and opaque elements to provide additional privacy. The building has loggias and balconies.

Urban Development Aspects

Starting points for the building arrangement were:

1. Incorporating the existing urban standards along the street facade

2. Adhering to sufficient distances from the neighboring buildings

3. Allowing for an optimal light exposure despite dense housing

4. Avoiding windowless firewalls

A variety of models were built to study different structures and evaluated for several factors. The optimal solution which emerged is an elongated, compact structure with the narrow side along the street front. There is a clearance between the adjacent buildings on either side which is greater than the width of the surrounding streets. A facade – with transparent and opaque elements – in front of the loggias and balconies protects the privacy of the apartments and offers secluded retreats in the outdoor areas.

Building Typology

The building is oriented east to west and can therefore be conceived as a double-wing layout with a central circulation. In this way, it’s possible to avoid purely north-facing apartments, and the center aisle typology makes it possible to arrange small, compact apartments with convenient floor plans.

The concentration of buildable area into a compact structure makes best use of the attic space, and creates a cost-effective circulation through a single stairwell.

Client GEWOG Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbau GmbH
Address Neugrabenstrasse 53, Vienna, 1100
Usable Space 2,150 m2
Units 29 Apartments
Project Status Closed