Projects / Lakeside Park


P.GOOD Architects in cooperation with BATLLE I ROIG ARQUITECTES

The new “Lakeside 2” is a thoughtful arrangement of functional office buildings which blend in to the surroundings gently and seamlessly, and which integrates with the existing Lakeside Park 1 with a central square as a meeting point. The design concept for the Lakeside 2 master plan generates an economically viable magnet for new technologies and new knowledge.


Six new buildings totaling 36,000m2 of floor space, grouped together in a volume at the edge of a central square, provide a central meeting place for the entire campus.

The Lakeside 2 expansion improves, opens and completes the existing Lakeside 1 business park. Its structure is oriented perpendicular to the existing lines and rounds out the functionality with the ground level parking garage and the central public space.

The Lakeside 2 concept completes the final overall picture that will be a self-contained unit by the year 2030. The project was designed so that the campus will run smoothly in each of the six phases of construction and presents an ideal visual even in the event that construction is discontinued.

The semi-circular grouping of perforated lines creates numerous connections for pedestrians and cyclists from the exterior to the central meeting point. This creates a central “Agora” meeting point and an open and lively breathing space.

The first phase rises on the northwestern side at the south ring. This first part of the building consists of two volumes: the higher structure acts as a visible focal point for the Lakeside campus and towers above the lower section, which houses general office space for rent.

Construction phases two through six incorporate the floor plan scheme and height development. This modular nature of repetition allows for a uniform appearance, as well as the quick realization of the individual phases.

Each phase of construction consists of a higher building wing bordering the central square and a low structure oriented toward the surrounding forests and meadows.

The arrangement of the rows along the central square allows for an independent installation, without affecting the function of the existing building.


Client Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH
Address Lakeside B02, Klagenfurt, 9020
Usable Space 36,000 m2
Project Status Closed