Projects / Schukowitzgasse Kindergarten


The existing kindergarten will be expanded with a two-story annex. The ground floor projects past the upper floor, creating spacious terraces which significantly expand the small garden area. The compact passive house form results in functional floor plans with short hallways grouped around a light-filled, two-story foyer.

The building has two levels, with the ground floor projecting out towards the existing kindergarten and the neighboring property. This creates substantial terraces that extend the free space of the garden and offer open areas for the upstairs classrooms. The classrooms are divided into a retreat area with a two-story installation and an open communication zone. This zone can be merged with the other classes. The dining room is located off the kitchen and is oriented toward the garden and together with the activity room can be effectively used for events. The creative spaces are upstairs and can be reached easily.

The compact form of the building is necessary to meet passive house standards and leads to highly functional floor plans with short hallways. These hallways are grouped around a light-filled, two-story foyer that serves as a communicative center for the kindergarten.


All classrooms face south which optimizes the use of solar energy in the winter. Awnings and balconies along the south side provide shade for the classrooms.

Green Spaces and Outdoor Areas

The small garden area is significantly expanded with two rooftop terraces on the upper floor. Both terraces are connected by stairs directly to the garden and are close to the classrooms. The toddler room on the ground floor opens onto a private playground which has a covered area at the eastern end.


The street side entrance leads into the central foyer which is illuminated by a skylight. The administrative and ancillary rooms are situated near the entrance, while the classrooms and the activity room face the garden to the south. The classrooms on the ground floor are connected to the garden by shared cloakrooms. The central foyer leads to the upper floor via stairs or an elevator, where views look out on the garden from the west terrace down to the ground floor through the airy foyer. The three classrooms on the upper floor are connected to the open areas by the two large terraces on the south and the west.

Integration into the Environment

With its white plaster facade and terraced structure, the building takes up the materiality and scale of the adjacent ensembles of school and kindergarten. The internal structure of the building is reflected on the outside through slender larch wood planking on the classrooms which forms a contrast with the plaster facades. The compact structure of the passive house is ordered by this play of the different materials.

Client MA19 Vienna
Address Schukowitzgasse 87, Vienna, 1220
Usable Space 1,040m2
Project Status Closed