Projects / Karajangasse

Residential Construction - Winner “Built in 2006”

This site is to be considered together with the Streffleurgasse and Wasnergasse projects, since the three plots are directly adjacent to one another and a total concept was developed for all three. The Karajangasse design includes a small, clearly arranged system of subsidized-rent apartments with loggias or terraces. The project was selected by the City of Vienna Municipal Department 19 - Architecture and Urban Design (MA 19) as one of the best projects of the year.

The small, clearly arranged complex at Karajangasse provides subsidized-rent apartments. Very little free space was available due to the small size of property, which is bounded by firewalls more than 20m high. The shaded inner courtyard is not suitable for use as a playground, so the entire second new rooftop floor was provided for communal use for all residents – with a generous playroom and a terrace with sun and panoramic views. All apartments are equipped with loggias or terraces.

The residential complexes of Karajangasse-Streffleurgasse-Wasnergasse create a new ensemble in the urban framework and rejuvenate the courtyard as well as the street space of the entire block.

Address Karajangasse 10, Vienna, 1200
Usable Space 1,680 m2
Units 22 Apartments
Project Status Completed 2006