Projects / Kagraner Spange

Residential Construction – 1st Prize Housing Development Competition

This residential complex has a mandated car-free plan and a system of paths and plazas connecting tower blocks and cottages. The apartments are arranged systematically so as to prevent direct sight into the neighboring private spaces. Two-story cottages are offered as maisonette units and barrier-free ground-level apartments. The complex’s tower blocks are five to six stories and feature open spaces. The ground floor is reserved for communal uses.


The entire system of paths and plazas in the housing complex is car-free and creates a variety of relaxation areas. The planning phase paid special attention to mutual privacy of neighboring gardens and terraces, using a system of careful orientation of buildings and locations of windows to prevent neighbors from seeing into the private spaces opposite. The arrangement of open spaces gives the feeling of an atrium, protected by landscaped walls.


The two-story cottages – in the middle of the building site, as well as along the northern and southern borders of the property – offer a variety of residential and recreational spaces. The cottages are available as both maisonette units as well as barrier-free ground-level apartments, and create living formats for families with good usable open space. Green areas, including pergolas on the terraces of cottages and tower blocks, represent an interweaving of vertical and horizontal green in the layout.

Tower Blocks

The five to six-story tower blocks create nodes for the network of pathways. The ground floor is reserved for communal uses, so stroller and bicycle storage rooms can be found there as well as a common room and a bicycle workshop. The planning of the tower blocks is based on the fundamental idea of ​​compactness with respect to energy and functionality. All apartments in the tower blocks have open spaces facing south or west.

Client GEWOG Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbau GmbH
Address Doningasse 18, Vienna, 1220
Usable Space 4,530 m2
Units 57 Apartments
Project Status Completed 2011