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Residential Construction and Renovation – 1st Place Competition

Through densification, the renovation added high-quality living space to a “Gründerzeit” period architectural asset. The design concept is distinguished by its regard for the neighboring properties and the usability of the ground floor area. Targeted sections of pivoted facades allow for an improvement of sight lines, and the arrangement of stacked floors lightens the look of the roof installations. The lighting conditions are improved by the partial demolition of the courtyard building in Fröbelgasse.

Design Principles

Essential themes for the design:

1. Street width: In determining the possible volumes of the attic conversion, the design considered the varying road widths and thus the proportion of sun exposure for neighboring buildings.

2. Sightlines: By selectively pivoting the facade sections, the apartments gained obtained wider views through the street alignment.

3. Tiered floors: The arrangement of staggered stories rather than sloping roof surfaces lightens the appearance of the roof constructions. In addition, this makes it possible to have apartments which can fully use the entire floor space, and have their own spacious terraces.

4. Terraces: The terraces make it possible to live with direct access to open spaces, even in a densely developed urban area. The individual open spaces reduce the need to drive out of the city for free time, decreasing traffic load.

5. Open spaces also at the base: The curtained facade structure of the street front also allows the street side apartments at the base to use individual open spaces.

6. Facade greenery: The facade structure creates as an attractive, easy-to-maintain green facade along the street space.

7. Sun exposure for neighboring properties: The typical problems of increasing the density of “Gründerzeit” period structures becomes clear when considering the neighboring buildings from Kirchstätterngasse 5 facing into the courtyard. The main facade of the building’s courtyard wing stands uncomfortably close to the property line. In order to ensure good lighting conditions for the residents of this building, the plan includes a partial demolition of the courtyard building in Fröbelgasse 6, and the creation of a tapered, terraced side wing.

8. Ground floor zone: To enhance the street space in addition to greening the facade, a free book exchange "Bücherbox" was planned. Available to all area residents, this book exchange box brings life to the ground floor area.

Client ULREICH Bauträger GmbH
Address Fröbelgasse 6, Vienna, 1160
Usable Space 1,700 m2
Units 24 Apartments
Project Status Builing application
Project Team P.GOOD Architects Team: DI Julia Eibel, DI Oliver Ulrich