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Residential Construction – Single-family Home

A single-family home – built on a long, narrow plot – was developed with spacious living areas and an integrated conservatory with reference to free spaces and the surrounding natural environment.

Starting Point and Concept

The form and position of the plot is a long and extremely narrow building site on a gently sloping northern hillside. The width of the building was greatly restricted, and the further question was whether to orient the building for better views or better sunlight. This conflict was resolved by orienting the living room to the north with a large and highly insulated glass facade while at the same time gaining plentiful direct sunlight from a south-facing glass roof. The glass roof contributes significantly to the light and airy character of the interior space. The house responds to the close neighboring buildings with two closed walls that guarantee privacy.

Arrangement of Space and Floor Plan

The clients wanted a spacious concept for the living room and two other rooms. Furthermore, an integrated sunroom and the reference to free space and the natural environment were important.

In addition to the foyer, the ground floor houses a flowing space with kitchen, dining room and living room, accentuated by an integrated conservatory. The kitchen can be separated by a sliding panel if necessary. Upstairs there are two ensuite bedrooms with closets as well as a spacious terrace which offers a beautiful view. The glass roof provides a visual connection between the living room below and the bedroom or terrace. A hobby room and a wine cellar can be found next to the storage and equipment rooms in the basement.

Construction and Material

The house is designed as a low-energy building. The excellent thermal insulation of the external walls (K = 0.28 W/m2K) and roofs (K = 0.20 W/m2K) make a substantial contribution to reducing energy demands, as well as the storage effect of the building mass and the solar energy gains by the number of glass surfaces. The large-scale use of triple-pane insulated glass is particularly noteworthy, with a state-of-the-art K-value of 0.5 W/m2K. In addition to these measures to reduce energy loss significantly, a highly efficient gas boiler also contributes to reducing energy consumption. A controlled ventilation system with heat exchanger would be a logical continuation of this concept, but was rejected by the clients. Due to the unfavorable water conditions, the basement was designed as a sealed concrete basin and carefully drained.

Client Private
Address Haymogasse, Vienna, 1230
Usable Space 140 m2
Units 1 Residence
Project Status Completed 2000