Projects / Single-family Home 1180

Residential Construction – Renovation – Single-family Home

In just four months, renovation work on a “Gründerzeit” period villa in the 18th district of Vienna created a spacious open interior and perfectly adapted the outside of the house to contemporary needs.

The formerly run-down house was adapted to the needs of a young family and the interior opened up spaciously to the outside. This was achieved through a gallery above the dining area and extensive glass panels from the living room to the garden. Renovation paid particular attention to maintaining the structure of the building. Therefore, despite the apparent drastic change to the villa, no static components were needed at all except the beam over the garden side glass facade. This precise planning made the extremely short construction period possible and kept the renovation costs low.

Client Privat
Address Köhlergasse, Vienna, 1180
Usable Space 300 m2
Units 1 Residence
Project Status Completed 1998