Projects / Campus Apfelbaum

Campus Apfelbaum is a visionary project that sets new standards for a self-determined life in a form of living and working. In a central location, for young and old, inclusive, social and open forms of living with communal areas, spacious green areas, quiet areas and commercial space. Here, people with and without disabilities should live, who bring a high degree of mutual respect and tolerance.

Five properties will be renovated together and extended by additions and attic extensions. On a plot area of ​​around 6,500 m2, 108 residential units in various forms of living, common areas, commercial units, a health center and a student dormitory are being built. Open spaces cover all levels in the form of loggias, terraces and roof gardens with a total area of ​​around 2,800 m2.

The project is based on a multi-year intensive design process. In a cooperative procedure, a legally valid zoning could be obtained in 2017. Due to the innovative concept development with the vision of an inclusive housing project with the greatest possible flexibility of the floor plans, Campus Apfelbaum was nominated for the IBA candidate 2022.

Client Livage GmbH
Address Geblergasse 39 + 42, Helblinggasse 5 + 7, Ottakringer Strasse 44, 1170 Vienna
Usable Space 10 196 m2
Units 108 Apartments - 43 Commercial spaces
Project Status Completion planned 2022
Project Team Planer: Praschl-Goodarzi Architekten ZT-GmbH
P.GOOD Architects Team: DI Julia Eibel, Johannes Ritsch B.Sc., DI Viktoria Steininger, DI Susanne Grad, DI Doris Baxter, DI Oliver Ulrich, DI Johannes Wüst
Bauträger: Livage GmbH
Betreiber: Verein Apfelbaum -