Projects / St. Pölten Secondary School


The renovation and expansion of the school building creates a harmonious balance between old and new. The entrance area is easily perceptible and the step seating and green areas create a relaxed atmosphere. Open spaces are designed on two levels for varying ambience. Lowering the courtyard brings about spacious lighting conditions and allows for direct access from the cloakrooms to the outdoors. Step seating provides a sheltered atmosphere for lingering.

Creative Approach

The existing qualities of the school are maintained and accentuated by sensitively arranged annexes. All new sections are distinctly visible and form a harmonious balance with the existing structure. The forecourt is redesigned to create a clear main entrance which leads via a gently sloped ramp directly into the lower level. Step seating and green areas give the space an additional relaxed atmosphere, and the design incorporates an attractive stand of existing trees. The new design of a clear entrance area creates a visual link between the public space of the forecourt with the semi-public space of the courtyard.

Open Spaces

The design offers open spaces on two levels with varying ambience. The sunken atrium on the courtyard side, situated in the axis of the entrance ramp and the main entrance, is flanked by the two-story entrance hall and cloakrooms in the old building and the multi-purpose hall and the music rooms in the new building. Lowering the courtyard allows generous light exposure for these areas. Furthermore, this creates the possibility for direct access of the courtyard from the cloakrooms. Step seating alongside the atrium invites lingering in a protective atmosphere. An existing stock of trees remains in the central green space of the courtyard, serving as an area for free movement and leisure.

Integration into the Environment

Through its volumes and position, the new structure responds to the original linear three and four-story structures in the area. The landscaped courtyard opens up to the surrounding single-family homes. The existing wing next to the forecourt is extended towards the entrance on one side. The two annexes are treated with the same formal language architecturally so that these structural measures are seen as a unified intervention. Additions also include a new gymnasium and ancillary rooms. The extended access corridor forms the link on the one hand to the school building, and on the other hand to the sport and free time spaces.


Client Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH
Address Josef Straße 84, St. Pölten, 3100
Usable Space 12,100 m2
Project Status Closed