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Competition – A High School in Keimgasse, Mödling

Urban Construction and Architecture

The draft illustrates a consistency between the new extension and the existing school building. The new building will take into account and incorporate the angles and proportions of the historic current building, hereby proving to be a logical, suitable expansion of the present school building both in functionality and with regard to urban construction. The conspicuous school building will be will be reconstructed to meet contemporary requirements with the construction of a second, barrier free entrance, on the side facing Toni Berg Promenade.

The aim is to concentrate all the usable area required for school activities in one compact building, in order to leave the surround grounds as free of construction as possible. These can then be used for sports and as playgrounds. Compactness will be achieved by constructing the sports facilities underneath the classrooms. Natural light will be provided by a generous supply of skylight strips. Compact utilization of the usable area means less building surface area, which is advantageous in economic terms and with regards to thermal movements. Managing the construction of the school while it is in session becomes easier, when the part of the building being worked on is kept as small as possible.

Function / Organisation

The new part of the building will provide generous space, which is lacking in the current one. The school will become a spacious well-lit premises with open spaces on every floor, making it a highly pleasant place to be.

The new entrance will facilitate barrier free access to the main hall from which a wide staircase and an elevator lead to all floors of the new and old parts of the building. Two air lofts below a glass roof will allow daylight into the centre of the building. Well placed glass structures will provide moments of transparency and, thereby, enhance orientation and create a feeling of more open spaces. The recreation areas will be an integral part of the usable areas with adjoining open spaces. The optimized escape route plans will allow these open spaces to be furnished and use das additional teaching space in terms of cluster building exercises.

Building Envelope

The choice of building materials to be used will support differentiation of the old and new buildings. In correspondence to the old part of the building, the south façade of the new classrooms and the side walls of the gym will be plastered with breached white, while the rest of the façade of the new building will be constructed with large aluminium panels, giving it the appearance of a protective shell. The windows will generally have large surface areas framed in heat-insulated aluminium. 

Recreational Space

One important concern is to provide the approximately 1000 students with as much qualitative and useful recreation space as possible. Concentrating all the necessary useable area in one building and shifting the orientation of the building away from the eastern boundary creates a continuous recreation area that can be used for various activities. The sports grounds consist of a 20x40m field, facilities for high jump, long jump, shot put and a 3-lane 60m track.

The large terrace on the roof of the gym will mainly be used as an addition to the dining hall and for those students who stay in school after regular school hours in the afternoon.

The areas to the east and west of the old building will serve as recreation areas during recess, with a green quiet zone and a paved area equipped with diverse objects of play. The grounds to the east will be a quiet courtyard to chat and relax in, while those to the west, next to the sports field will be for more active forms of recreation. More recreation space will be provided by terraces to which students have easy access from the recreation halls within the building, and which can also be used as open air classrooms.

Client School authority for Upper Austria
Address Keimgasse, Mödling, 2340
Project Status closed