Projects / Breitenfurterstrasse 73-77

Residential Construction – 1st Place Competition

The very diverse characteristics of the surroundings suggest an orientation of the apartments towards the quiet southwest green space. The site is located on the busy street Breitenfurterstrasse, with tram and bus lines and close to the railway tracks running parallel. The rear side of the property towards the southwest opens to a complex of row houses with a very spacious central green area. 

- Shielding the noisy street space
- Orienting the apartments toward quiet green space
- Peaceful green areas
- Orienting the apartments from the southeast to the southwest
- Interposing an internal pedestrian zone
- Visual links to the green areas by staggering the structure’s height


The investigation of several variations of development resulted in a two-pronged approach. On the street side, a multi-story building with ground floor retail spaces and six residential floors was designed. On the garden side, a townhouse-like structure with four floors was planned that produces a transition to the adjoining row houses. A landscaped internal pedestrian zone connects the first upper floors of the two building structures.
Through this open pedestrian area, as well as a bridge between the street and garden areas on the second upper level, all the apartments have barrier-free access with only three stairwells. Furthermore, this system also allows all the apartments to face quiet green space.
The location of the garage entrance and exit prefents any traffic congestion of the future residents’ cars for the quiet, residential area adjacent.
For the length of the property along Breitenfurterstrasse there is a difference in slope of 3.5 meters. This changing elevation is mirrored in the design through the terracing of the building as well as in the interior pedestrian zone.

Arrangement of Space

Of the 117 planned apartments, 123 are on the southwest side and face the adjacent green space of the existing row houses. All apartments have private outdoor areas in the form of loggias, terraces or individual gardens. Stroller storage rooms on the residential floors are situated on the street side, to create optimal storage and free up room for spacious, open-plan retail shops on the ground floor. The shop windows create a lively ground level zone, which significantly enhances the street space.


Client GEWOG Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbau GmbH, AT HOME IMMOBILIEN-GMBH
Address Breitenfurterstrasse 73-77, Vienna, 1120
Usable Space 10,000 m2
Units 123 Apartments, Shopping Zone
Project Status Start of construction March 2019