Projects / Block Renewal Haslingergasse

Urban Development Analysis

The consortium for block redevelopment in Haslingergasse – DI Maria Langthaller, MAG Johanna Rainer, DI Valerie Aschauer and DI Azita Praschl-Goodarzi – was commissioned for the project in 2011 by wohnfonds_Wien. After analyzing the redevelopment in relation to the public spaces, an overall action plan was created, the implementation of which will lead to a significant improvement in quality of life.

Starting Situation

The area is characterized by buildings of different construction ages, and the use of the area is equally mixed. In addition to the residential housing, a number of small businesses can be found in the courtyards of buildings.

In some parts, noise and dust diminish satisfaction with the living environment – at the same time, the area offers insufficient parking, few green areas in the immediate vicinity and inadequate opportunities for local supply of essential goods.

Redevelopment Objectives

Details of the plan include decreasing the number of sub-standard areas, providing the post war buildings with a thermal energy retrofit, concentrating the attic conversion areas and gutting courtyards. This improves the total structure of the area’s urban development, and results in a mix of uses. The potential for the redevelopment of social infrastructure is to be used, which supports the strengths of the area and raises the standard of living.

The work further targets noise pollution along Ottakringerstrasse and Haslingergasse, as well as a vertical greening of many specific areas in the district.

The study also closely considers the increasingly vacant street level retail spaces, especially in the once busy shopping street Kalvarienberggasse. These spaces, in connection with open areas inside the block, present an opportunity for social infrastructure development. The needs and aspirations of the property owners are to be collected in order to support the strengths of the area and raise the standard of living.

Client Wohnfonds Wien
Address Block Redevelopment Area: Haslingergasse, bounded by Ottakringerstrasse, Taubergasse, Spitzäckergasse, Ortliebgasse, Geblergasse, Bergsteiggasse, Vienna, 1160
Units 166 Properties
Project Status Phase 2