Projects / Amtsstrasse

Residential Construction – 1st Prize Competition

A two-story building was designed and built directly on Amtsstrasse with a compact townhouse-like structure in the courtyard. The traditional substance of the older street front was maintained and expanded with additional floors as well as a building in the courtyard. Five new, two-story townhouse apartments were built in the courtyard combining an atrium typology with a split-level solution to ensure optimal natural light.

Expanding Original Substance

To find the best possible response to the difficult situation of the relatively narrow courtyard, several compact, low-rise buildings were planned with atriums and additional individual gardens. The building on the street is located in a protected zone; therefore the traditional street front was maintained, while the courtyard building was renovated and expanded to create a total of five new airy, two-story townhouse apartments.

Atrium Houses

The south facade of the atrium houses allows optimal exposure of the kitchen, dining area and a bedroom, and every room in the townhouse apartments is illuminated by a south window. Combining the atrium typology with a split-level solution ensures that the sunlight actually passes across the courtyard down to the ground floor. The special arrangement of volumes brings as much sunlight as possible into the living space.

Client SEG Stadterneuerungs- und EigentumswohnungsgmbH
Address Amtsstrasse 46, Vienna, 1210
Usable Space 1,370 m2
Units 14 Apartments
Project Status Completed 2007