Projects / Niederhollabrunn Recycyling Center

Industrial Construction – 1st Place Competition

The project includes a recycling center with an attached utility yard, and is divided into two structures: Hall 1 houses an office, warehouse and the hazardous waste collection center, and is located above the zero level to facilitate the loading of large containers. Hall 2 is an open hall for collection containers and storage, and includes the utility yard and the maneuvering zone.

Functional Program

The project consists of a recycling center with adjoining utility yard. The recycling center is divided into four basic functional areas. The collection point is at the front of the building, open to the public at all times. The other areas are accessible to the public only at specific times fixed by the operator.

The main building (Hall 1) is separated into two areas: an enclosed area with office, warehouse and the hazardous waste collection center; and an open bay for collection containers and storage of disposal equipment, etc. Apart from the office, the entire building is access via a ramp and positioned approximately 60cm above the zero level.

Behind the building there is a maneuvering zone with a slope of 5.5%, which rises to a height of +120cm above the zero level. This difference in height makes it easier to load large containers, which are placed at a lower level. These containers collect debris, bulky waste, scrap metal and wood waste.

The utility yard is accessed via the same driveway as the recycling center.

The structure in the utility yard (Hall 2) is adjacent to a maneuvering zone which is also used for the handling of large containers. The building has a garage with four parking spaces for diesel-powered vehicles, winter highway grit storage and two rooms to store tools, water supply materials, lanterns, park benches, etc. The area above the concrete ceiling of the storage rooms can be used primarily for storing noncombustible materials.


Client Marktgemeinde Niederhollabrunn
Address Am Graben, Niederhollabrunn, 2004
Usable Space 385 m2
Units 2 Halls
Project Status Closed