Projects / Post Quadrat Graz

The new residential district "Alte Poststraße / Feldgasse" is being built in an environment of single-family homes, has perfect transport connections and a multitude of local providers, leisure facilities and educational facilities, such as the FH Joanneum Graz, are in the immediate vicinity. The different buildings on the area allow modern and high-quality living for young and old. Sustainable and modern living in POST QUADRAT. In addition to playgrounds, you will find a kindergarten or a retirement home directly at the area. A long structure shields the new residential district from the railway line and gives the residential district peace and well-being. In the middle of this new residential complex is the POST QUADRAT and impresses with its unique location: surrounded by green spaces and customizable open space.

The project in the Alte Poststraße focuses specifically on the building material wood, thus creating elegant and modern houses with a high feel-good character. At the same time, the ecological footprint of the building should be reduced by using a sustainable, renewable raw material that is locally available. The ceilings in visual wood quality and the real wood floors ensure particularly comfortable and comfortable living. The bright staircases and spacious green areas complete the living experience and create a friendly environment. The open space in the new residential district is dedicated to people, with more than half of the area's green space, as a generous space for movement - whether in the generously designed private gardens or in the green open spaces - thanks to the forward-looking car-free transport concept - an unrestricted freedom of movement here Big and small offered.

Client Premium Immobilien
Address Alte Poststraße, Graz
Usable Space 1 940 m2
Units 40 Apartments
Project Status Planing - start of construction by August 2020