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Appartment Building LORYSTRASSE

This apartment building will consist of two elements, each with a generous stairwell, lit from above, at the centre of the building. An asymmetric development plan takes advantage of the L-shape of the building by more of the surface area facing south. Further, the L-shape means that the rooms facing north-east and north-west will have more surface areas that let in light over a larger area of the facade.

Spatial Planning

There will be 86 flats, 30 of which will be smart apartments, and with 33 flats facing the street and 53 facing the courtyard. All apartments will have either recessed balconies, terraces or private gardens. There will be common areas outdoors and indoors.


A grid of short load-bearing wall panels will form the supporting structure. The remaining walls will be non-load-bearing lightweight walls that can be easily adjusted or removed. The walls separating the different apartments from each other will be constructed in a way that allows for their later removal in order to create bigger units.

Recreation Area

Due to the existing topography, the recreation will be found on two different levels. Raised-bed patches surrounding the gardens will offset the difference in the two levels. A playground between the buildings appears to play the role of mediator.

Client latal - Immobilien GmbH
Address Lorystraße 97, Vienna, 1110
Usable Space 6,700 m2
Units 86 Apartments
Project Status Completed by december 2018